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Friday, May 13th

Hamby Place Neighborhood Spring Cleaning

Beginning Friday, May 13th there will be a HUGE dumpster in the common area parking lot for up to 7 days.  This dumpster is exclusively for Hamby Place Homeowners & Residents.  We want your trash!!!

Included Items

YES furniture & cloths

YES carpet & blinds

YES exercise equipment

YES children toys

YES box springs

YES household junk

YES large appliances***

YES drywall & lumber

YES dry paint cans***

YES glass/metal/plastic

YES empty dry buckets

YES construction debris and more

Excluded Items

NO food waste

NO tree brush

NO concrete

NO dirt

NO tires

NO mattresses

NO propane tanks

NO televisions

NO computers or monitors

NO car or truck batteries

NO hazardous materials

NO bio-hazardous materials

***Participating Hamby Place Homeowners & Residents must place items in the dumpster, material

must not overflow or stick out the top of the dumpster.  

***No wet materials.  Oil cans, paint cans, cleaning bottles etc. are accepted empty or the liquid must

be dried out with special solvent, sand, kitty litter etc.  

***Gas containers must be dry with no traces of gas smell.  Gas cans must be cut open and left

outside to air dry to alleviate all traces of gas smells prior to placing the item in the dumpster.

***Large appliances must not contain any liquid for example refrigerators must have the refrigerant

drained out prior to disposal.

Cobb county sanitation resources:

  • Vegetative Waste 770-896-3995 Accepts dirt, trees, limbs etc.
  • Advance disposal 770-485-8940 Accepts everything except gas, acid & antifreeze.
  • Westrock Recycling 678-403-3900 Accepts office paper, plastics 1-7, newspapers, magazines, phone books, green/brown/clear glass, aluminum/tin/steel cans & cardboard.  

Neighboorhood Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday the 26th the neighboorhood will be hosting at 11:00am a Easter Egg Hunt for kids. Come join the fun! 

Annual Meeting 2016

We had our 2nd attempt at establishing a quorum (minimum of 25% home owner participation) on Feb 2nd was successful. Minutes from both meeting have been posted under Hamby Place HOA, Minutes.

Annual Meeting 2016

The annual meeting is tenntavily scheduled for January 5th at 7:15pm. A meeting packet will be mailed out early December including the agenda and proxy vote forms. Please if you are unsure if you will be able to attend the meeting return your proxy vote form asap to the 4791 Windrush Lane address. Thanks!

Hamby Place HOA 

HOA Meeting 9/1

The board will be meeting the first Tuesday in September. Meeting should start between 7:15 and 7:30. We will meet in the common area by the pool. 

HOA Meeting 8/4

The board will be meeting the first Tuesday in August. Meeting should start between 7:15 and 7:30. We will meet in the common area by the pool. 

We welcome our neighbors for Q/A the first 20 minutes. If you have a suggestion or concern that you would like addressed it would be beneficial to let us know before hand by emailing us. 


Hamby Place HOA

Pool Party 9/12

Pool party! Saturday, Sep. 12th, at 1:00. 

More details coming soon.

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